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BULLETIN of the L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University. PHYSICS. ASTRONOMY Series

Publisher: Republican State Enterprise in the capacity of economic conduct «L.N.Gumilyov Eurasian National University» Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

ISSN: 2616-6836 , eISSN: 2663-1296

Current issue

Investigation of the contribution of exchange mechanisms to the elastic scattering 10B on the nucleus 12С

Мorzabaev A. K., Yergaliuly G., Амаngeldі N., Boztosun I., Мauyey B., Bolat N., Tangirbergen A.

Solving the Problem of Abrasive Machining in the Production of Rocket and Space Technology Details

Zhakupova A. Y., Ondrisov D. B., Kanafin M. Z., Aukatova N. K., Kurmanbek B. N.

The creation of the intrinsic emission spectrum and the formation of capture centers in K_2 SO_4 and K_2 SO_4-Tl crystals

Nurakhmetov T. N., Kainarbai A. Z., Usupbekova B., Daurenbekov D. H., Sadykova B. M., Salikhodzha Z. M., Dolomatov M. Y., Zhunusbekov A. M., Zhangylyssov K. B.

Radiation Damage caused by swift heavy ions in MgO crystals

Baubekova G. M., Giniyatova S. G., Asylbaev R. N.

Development issues of a new SRC "Baiterek"

Mustafinov E. K., Ramazanova Z. M.

Experimental study of elastic scattering of deuterons on a 13C core at low energies

Aimaganbetov A. C., Nassurlla M., Janseitov D. M., Yergaliuly G., Мauyey B., Burtebayev N., Alimov D., Valiolda D. S.

Kinetics of LiF crystals ion luminescence

Zdorovets M. V., Dauletbekova A. K., Skuratov ., Seitbayev A., Akilbekov A. T.

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Methodology of sample preparation for conducting dosimetricresearch on the territory of Akmola region

Zhumadilov K. S., Sarsenova S. M., Suleimenov T. B.

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About ways to increase the power of wind turbines with straight blades

Kargin D. B., Zhangozin K.

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