Vol. 131, Number 2, 2020 was published on June 17, 2020

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BULLETIN of the L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University. PHYSICS. ASTRONOMY Series

Publisher: НАО «Евразийский национальный университет имени Л.Н. Гумилева»

ISSN: 2616-6836 , eISSN: 2663-1296

Current issue

Сonducting and dielectric properties of mono- and polycrystals Na 3 Cr 2 (PO 4 ) 3

Salikhodzha Z. M., Nogai A., Stefanovich S., Nogai A. S.

Modernization of ECR-source DECRIS-3

Ivanov I., Kurakhmedov A., Sambayev Y., Zdorovets M., Loginov V., Bogomolov S., Bondarchenko A., Koloberdin M., Sapar A., Abdugalimov G., Ungarbayev Y., Temir A., Mustafin D.

Designing strip patch antennas using Matlab

Karibayev B., Imanbayeva ., Altynbek T.

Synthesis of solid electrolyte compatible with cathode materials based on double perovskites for solid oxide fuel cells

Кuterbekov K. A., Kabyshev A. M., Bekmyrza K. Z., Kubenova M., Aidarbekov N., Nikonov A.

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Investigation of the contribution of exchange mechanisms to the elastic scattering 10B on the nucleus 12С

Aidar M., Yergaliuly G., Амаngeldі N., Boztosun I., Мauyey B., Bolat N., Tangirbergen A.

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Kinetics of LiF crystals ion luminescence

Zdorovets M. V., Dauletbekova A. K., Skuratov ., Seitbayev A., Akilbekov A. T.

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